One of the things about Spice Town that separates us from other local restaurants in our neck of the woods is our firm commitment to making our food from scratch. Whereas others are content to serve up foods that arrive frozen and throw them in a fryer, our mission is to make our foods using fresh, high quality ingredients in order to provide our customers with the best food in Herndon and Ashburn.

There’s just something that’s special about eating food that you know is fresh, but we take it one step further by making passion one of our main ingredients in every dish we make. We love what we do and we are dedicated to making sure our customers get foods that we love eating ourselves. Every item on our menu is chosen for one reason–because we think it’s amazing! When you eat at Spice Town, you can rest assured that you’re getting something that we’re passionate about cooking.

What’s On Our Restaurant Menu?


Whether you’re looking for something simple and delicious like a classic cheese pizza or you’d rather try something unique like our Meat Delight Pizza, our Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza, or our Tandoori Chicken Pizza, you can rest assured that you’ve never had a slice of pie quite like this.


What goes better with a great pizza than some delicious wings? Ours are some of the best in the town. By combining just the right amount of zesty spiciness with a bit of buttery deliciousness, we have perfected chicken wings. It’s as simple as that.


We’re famous for our sandwiches! From the Crispy Chicken Sandwich (made with crispy chicken tenders, melted provolone, mayo, lettuce, and tomato) to the Italian Sausage Parm, both Oven Baked Subs to our Golden Honey Ham and Cheese Cold Sub, you’re sure to find something that makes your mouth water.

Halal Food

If you’re looking for halal food in Herndon or Ashburn, we can help. We know how hard it is to find something like halal burgers, so we have you covered. At Spice Town, our goal is to make sure that those who are sticking to specific diets can still eat delicious food, so don’t hesitate to ask about any of the items on our restaurant menu.

Dine In, Take Out, or Delivery

Prefer to come in with your friends and sit down to enjoy a meal together? Rather swing by and grab some food on your way home from work so you can spend some time catching up on your latest Netflix binge? Maybe you’re at home and you don’t want to take off your pajamas to come out and get some food. Hey, we’re not judging! With locations in Ashburn and Herndon, you can always find places to eat near you that are big on flavor.

We take a lot of pride in offering fresh foods at affordable prices and we’re happy to say that our customers love what we do. Whether you stop in for lunch in the middle of a work day or you would rather swing by late at night on the weekend, we’ll be here preparing some of the tastiest food around that’s all made to order. Whatever you’re in the mood for, you’re sure to find something that tickles your taste buds. We can pretty much guarantee that no matter what you get, you’ll leave smiling and satisfied.

Perhaps best of all, of course, is our ongoing commitment to providing our customers with food that is fresh and delicious that is made quickly. Stop in and see us or place an order for delivery. Either way, you have some good food coming your way!